Sydney Jain Mandal

  • A non-profit socio-religious group that represents Jain community in Sydney
  • Provides a social platform to people who believe in principle of Jain religion
  • Was established to raise awareness of Jain religion among families
  • Provides a forum to learn, discuss and practice values of Jain preachings
  • Provides a platform to keep Jain religion alive for future generations


  • SJM conducts regular monthly get togethers where all families join to recite bhajans, engage in discussions, do meditation and perform religious activities
  • Celebrates major Jain events such as Mahavir Jayanti, Mahavir Nirwan & Dus lakshan Parva every year
  • Visits, by scholars from India and overseas
  • Many other social activities which have been in place for the last 22 years in Sydney

Executive Team