Best Wishes from Sulekh Jain

Jai Jinendra

My wife, I and International School for Jain Studies send you and the Sydney Jain SANGH the best wishes  for this historic celebration.

Our hope is that with this milestone, your center will  become a  true model of teaching, sharing and practicing ahimsa and Jain  values  of compassion, karuna , seva and spiritual upliftment of the self and the others. You all will  become a shining example of Live and Help others to Live. This is Jainism.

Bhagwaan Mahaveer  whose Pratishtha Mahotsav you all will be celebrating, was not only a great tyaagi/renunciate, a yogi but also a great social Engineer who brought significant and lasting changes in the society. We hope your Center will truly strive to follow the path shown by Bhagwaan Mahaveer.

We  wish you all a great celebration.