Canberra visit & Puja program

Jai Jinendera

The Canberra temple visit and social gathering program is as below:

On Sunday 2nd October – Drive to Canberra

Meet at Floriade about 2:30PM

Dinner from 6 to 7PM Address : 97 Eggleston Crescent, Chifley, Canberra

Aarthi at Canberra temple from 7:30PM Address : Hindu temple, 81 Ratcliffe Cres, Florey ACT 2615

On Monday 3rd October

Meet at Canberra temple at 9:30AM in Shudh Cloths. Please bring Jinvani and Puja Samgri. (Program is as below)




Children’s program – Let Pankaj Jain know – if your kid(s) like to participate.

Followed by lunch.

Thank you Mahika Jain & Utkarsh Jain for hosting children’s program.

Thank you Ajmera Family for helping Mandal Organising Dinner and  sponsoring lunch.

For any further details  contact Mr Pankaj Jain (0401 142 175), Rupesh jain (0401 198 202) or Mukesh Jain (0425 247 575)

Jai jinendera

Pankaj jain. Mukesh jain
President Secretary
0401142175 0425247575