How to Donate

Your kind donations to the Sydney Jain Mandal are very much appreciated. You can donate to Sydney Jain Mandal in one of the following ways.Please use your name as reference. Then immediately follow your payment with an email to Mr Manish Jain

Please ensure that the text in the email contains the reference, the amount and your name and address so that a proper receipt can be issued If (in Australia) you do not receive receipt within 30 days, please send us a reminder

Thank you :

Donation to Sydney Jain Mandal Education Centre

Sydney Jain Mandal has undertaken a project to build Jain Education Centre Deposits into the following account (> $2) are tax deductible in Australia

Bank Name : St George Bank
Branch/ BSB: 112 – 879
Account Number: 458015052

Donation to Sydney Jain Mandal

Donors not subjected to Australian Tax laws may use the following account to donate. (Deposits into this account are not tax deductible in Australia)

Account Name : Sydney Jain Mandal Inc.
Bank Name : St George Bank
Branch/ BSB : 112-879
Account Number: 486780270