Education Centre

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Sydney Jain Mandal (SJM) has undertaken a project to build Jain Education Center/ Jinalay in Sydney, Australia. The centre will be focal point for promoting jain principles and will provide a social platform for people pertaining to Jain principles.SJM, the sole trustee for SJMEC will be responsible for building and managing education center with support from Jain families in Sydney, other parts of Australia & overseas.

Purpose of Education Centre/ Jinalay

Sydney Jain Mandal has embarked on a long standing dream to build a Jain Education Center and Jinalay  in Sydney. The center will be hub for teaching Jain principles as well as a source of inspiration, spiritual strength and to introspect one self, for generations to come.  The centre will conduct regular classes on jain principles and will provide venue for learning teachings of Jain religion. There will be practical classes organised on how to conduct Jain pooja. The centre will also organise meditation and Yoga classes.

Current Status of Project

In 2014, SJM Education Centre purchased a property at 7/15-17 Tucks Rd, Seven Hills,NSW 2147. Regular activities have now moved to this new location. Murti pratishtha of Shri 1008 Bhagwan Mahaveer Swami idol is due to take place in May-June 2015. Soon afterwards, education classes are expected to start there.

Support Required

SJM needs your support –  financial and administrative – to build the Jinalay/ education centre and for running it. SJMEC has got tax deductible status from Australian Tax office and all donations above $2.00 are tax deductible for the donors. We need immediate support from all in Australia & overseas to help with the Jain centre in Sydney. All donations will be thankfully acknowledged and major donations will be recognised on a honour board in the Jinalay.

How to donate

You can direct deposit you donation

  • Bank Name: St George
  • Branch/ BSB: 112 – 879,
  • Account Number: 458015052

All donations made over $2 are tax deductible in Australia

SWIFT Code required for transfer into above account : SGBLAU2SXXX. For a receipt please send an email to with your payment details.