March 2018 Programs

Jai jinendera

We welcome all of you to the following programs in March

As announced today, Mahavir Jayanti Celebration Program  will be on 25th March. Mrs Garima Jain (0434 222 436) has kindly volunteered to be coordinator for cultural program. Please contact her for participation in program.

We will also like to get 3 sponsors for the lunch on Mahavir Jayanti. If you are interested to become sponsor, please contact me (Pankaj jain 0401 142 175).

If you have not registered for Camp, Please do it today (see details in other email)

jai jinendera

Pankaj Jain                                                             Mukesh Jain

President, SJM                                                      Secretary      

0401 142 175                                                        0425 247 575