As a part of the Pratishtha program, a range of rangolies are required for different ceremonies. ​This is a chance for everyone to create a beautiful piece of rangoli with your imagination and creative ideas for Pratishtha Mahotsav.

If you would like to contribute a Rangoli to the function please present it to the Mandir by 27th May’15.

Rangoli should include some message such as ‘Om’ ” Sidha sheela’, ‘lokakash’, ‘swapna’, ‘jain’, ‘ bhagvan’ ‘namokar mantra’. You can use any material like paints, beads, grains, colour full clothes etc.

The rangoli should be done on art board ​or framed canvas (available in bargain shops) in any size which is easy to transport to the temple.

​For more information please contact Neela Dholakia on 9899 7660 or Ravi Dholakia on 0417 451 408​.